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The page in which I divulge something about myself.
Or perhaps I don't.

Taricha torosaMy life history is not worth speaking of, it being filled to the brim with a lack of tragedy, conflict, drama, or anything else which might make gripping reading.  While this is something of a disadvantage in this particular case, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Except perhaps a private tropical island guarded by trained giant squid.

I drew my first card in the 1990s, when I unexpectedly needed something as a holiday gift substitute.  It wasn't much, but it was well received, so I kept making them. While people enjoyed receiving original art, there was no practical way to make one for everyone.  Eventually I determined it would be more sensible to make reproductions of a single image.  In addition to making wider distribution possible, it also freed me from working actual-size, thus the drawings became more complex.  While early drawings were in chalk pastel, I've always enjoyed scratchboard and have begun using it almost exclusivly for my cards.

After years of making and sending cards, with relatives and friends asking me "Why don't you sell these?" I finally have an answer.  Well, not really an answer.  Technically it's a reply.  Either way, good enough.

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