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Greeting cards for all some occasions. 
Particularly those involving reptiles.

Anaxyrus boreasSurprise or perhaps shock your friends and family by sending them one of these slightly morbid greeting cards. Is your Christmas list full of folks that delight at slavering wolves, potential house fires, or other calamities of the season?  Do your birthday card recipients like to see something with tentacles?  Reminiscent of Edward Gorey with a dash of H.P. Lovecraft, these cards are sure to make people wonder about you.

Also available are an assortment of cards for reptile-themed holidays.  If you don't know any reptile-themed holidays, I strongly encourage you to create one.

        Purchase cards in my Etsy shop!

Other formats (Perhaps posters, shirts, mugs, and such like and so forth) coming eventually on Zazzle.

If you like my art, but wish there were some particular scenario, creature, or variation represented, perhaps I can draw it just for you!  Please contact me at

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