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Pumpkin art.
Decomposing even as it's composed.


Here are some of the pumpkins I've carved from Halloweens past. I've progressed from the traditional cut-through method to a more sculptural style over the years, and I find I really enjoy it.
Pro tip: Before engaging in vigorous carving, spread a disposable drop cloth to avoid getting pumpkin in the carpeting.

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Octopus pumpkin
Octopus curcurbita
Carved pumpkin, October 2010

It has tentacles, so it must be good. I'm particularly pleased with the suckers on the curly arms, and the hollow siphon.

I did this primarily with a scoop-shaped X-Acto knife, and it really shows in the deep gouges of the octopus skin.

Pumpkin 2011
Varanus curcurbita
Carved pumpkin, 2011

Sometimes I buy a pumpkin and I don't know what to do with it. In those cases I end up carving something that appeals to me rather than something frightening. Hence, a varanid lizard.

Pumpkin parasite
Ovis parasiticus curcurbitensis
Carved pumpkin, October 2013

In 2012 I was illustrating an anatomy lab manual. It struck me that sheep brains, with all the nerves coming off the brainstem, bore a passing resemblance to arthropods. Here the resemblance has been thorougly enhanced.

Tentacle monster emerging from egg
Cthulhu Hatchling
Carved pumpkin, April 2014

Cthulhu is eternal, but if he hatched out of an egg this is what it would look like. Except probably green instead of orangey. Anyway no one had any idea what this pumpkin was all about, so I'm glad I have a chance to explain it to you.

Screaming man with flayed face
Flayed Alive
Carved pumpkin, 2015

There were only small pumpkins (14" wide) so I chose a small subject. I got a few new carving tools (for wood carving) and they worked quite nicely.

I kept having to remind myself that the face should probably look like the skull, but with skin on. How should his cheekbones look? Like the actual, exposed cheek bones! In the end, it came out a bit asymmetrical, so it helps if you block out one side or other at a time.  

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