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Sandy Claws

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Making his way through the wild forest under the pale light of a full moon, a huge lobster carries a bag of presents as he travels from house to house. In the background is a humble cottage, cheering light streaming from the window. What yuletide treats might the occupants have received from this giant crustacean?

This is an 8.5" x 5.5" greeting card. It's lovingly printed in black and white by minimum wage copy-shop employees onto FSC certified 20% recycled Ultra Bright White cardstock from a high quality scan of my original art, then hand-folded by me. The scratchboard technique gives it the look of both pen and ink illustration and old-time woodcuts.

Inside the card is an original poem which reads:

The presents all are wrapped just so
Each ribbon in its place,
Loaded up he'll slowly go
With heed and care apace.

Bearing treats for one and all
Despite their human flaws,
With a scuttle at the door arrives
A gift from sandy claws.
                             -G. Evan Wilkin

Includes an appropriately sized white envelope.

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